Our attorneys have contributed articles to many community association publications. Below is a compilation of much of the information that has been presented elsewhere, as well as content written for this site.

Association Operation

What Happens During a Turnover From Developer?

Can we Vote Via Proxy?

Can we Ban Political Signs and Holiday Lights?

What Happens if the Board is not Following the Governing Documents?

What do Committees do?

Do we Have to Allow Satellite Dishes?


Foreclosed Units

How to Handle a Foreclosed Unit?

Are we Stuck with a Tenant Living in a Foreclosed Unit?


Board Duties

What are the Yearly Secretary of State Registration Requirements?

How Long do We Keep Records?

Do we need to have a CPA review our records each year?

How do we Properly Reserve for Newer Components?

Can we Publish Delinquent Account Information?

Can Board Members be Hired to Work for the Association?

Can Board Members be Paid for Serving on the Board?


Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act

Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act (MCIOA) – Covered or Not?

Are Non-MCIOA Associations Still Obligated to Follow Some Parts of MCIOA?